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Support Group

Have you ever felt like “nobody knows how I feel”? Well, you are right, nobody knows exactly how you feel about your low vision or blindness, but the Support Group organized and lead by the Seeing Hand Association, Inc. of Wheeling, WV may come as close to understanding how you feel about low vision or blindness as anyone in the local area will ever come to understanding your situation.

The Support Group for visually impaired and blind adults meets the last Wednesday of the month, September through December and March through June. We meet at theSeeing Hand Association building at 750 Main Street in Wheeling. We meet from 10 AM until 11:30 AM. Please call our office at 304-232-4810 if you have any questions. 
This is not a group counseling session, but rather an opportunity to share the skills and knowledge that leads to our many successes and to the diminishing number of our failures.

We discuss and demonstrate the latest in technological developments which ultimately lead to even more skill and success. We occasionally watch a video that is pertinent to our location on the journey of life. We have speakers who are experts in their respective field of expertise.


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