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Enhanced Vision 
All Enhanced Vision products are available through the Seeing Hand Association. Call us at 304-232-4810 for details and pricing information! 

Enhanced Vision products are for people with low vision, including macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa to more fully participate in life. Products range from desktop to portable items with magnification that may help individuals regain visual independence at home, work or in the classroom. Enhanced Vision products are easy to use. Prices are subject to change. 


You can read, view photos, write and work on favorite hobbies with Merlin. Merlin has many features including: auto-focus; preset magnification; image locator; dial magnification to increase images and text from 4X to 72X; modes- high contrast positive, black and white, full color, and high-contrast negative.

Merlin options include: voice activation; 14" or 20" video monitor; color select with S-video; computer enabled with split-screen and line markers; and black and white display. 

The Max is a compact hand-held digital magnifier with auto-focus. It connects to any TV or computer. Magnification is up to 28X using dial control. The Max is available in black and white or full-color. 

Lightweight viewing glasses used with the Max display the magnified image. There are no connections or assembly needed. Key features include: four viewing modes-full color, black and white, high contrast positive, and negative; may also be connected to a TV; battery operated; magnifies photos up to 28X; portable and easy to use. 

The Flipper has a 225-degree rotating camera with full-color and auto-focus that makes reading, writing, and viewing images easy. The Flipper connects to any TV or monitor. Images can be magnified up to 24X. It provides distance, intermediate and near viewing.

Flipper Stand: The Flipper can be used with the optional desktop stand to create a fully-functional desktop video magnifier with magnification up to 50X. 

FlipperPort: The Flipper is combined with a pair of lightweight glasses to display a magnified image. Images can be viewed in full-color and auto-focus with magnification of 6X-40X (near) and 1X-24X (distance).

Flipper Panel: The Flipper Panel offers a full-color view on a 7" or 10" LCD screen. The Flipper is attached to a rechargeable battery pack. It features magnification up to 50X original size and 24X viewing distance. 


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