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Employment opportunities are available for the blind and visually impaired at The Seeing Hand Association. We offer employment at our office doing clerical work, in the Edelman Garden, and in our workshop.

To apply, please fill out this application and one of our staff member’s will be in touch shortly.

Career Counseling

The Seeing Hand Association’s career and vocational services offer opportunities for individual growth and development, confidence building, and economic and personal independence through education and training.

Success in any job is primarily due to the preparation and attitudes the individual brings to the job. The career and vocational services help individuals help themselves be successful.

      • Career Strategies/Job Development: This service offers an individual the opportunity to develop person-centered vocational goals and objectives through an assessment process. This process may include the opportunity to visit a variety of employment sites to determine abilities and interests within a particular occupation (i.e. community-based assessment and situational assessment).
      • Career Consulting: This service offers assistance with skills training in areas such as: caning chairs, weaving rugs, mop production, janitorial services, computer literacy, typing, and telephone answering services.

Today is the Opportunity to Build the Tomorrow You Want

Job Development

The Seeing Hand Association in partnership with Department of Rehabilitative Services, assist individuals in preparing for, securing and maintaining gainful, competitive employment. Employment will be integrated into normalized work settings, provided pay of at least minimum wage, and shall be based on the individual’s skills, preferences, abilities, and talents.  These talents can be discovered through a Community Based Assessment (CBA).

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    Meet our dedicated team and expert staff from The Seeing Hand Association.

    Karen Haught

    Karen Haught

    Executive Director

    Karen Haught became the Executive Director in April of 2012. Karen is a graduate of West Liberty University and has a diverse background which includes 28 years of business management, 30 years teaching experience, non-profit management, and sales consulting.…

    Theresa Kurtz

    Theresa Kurtz

    Operation Manager

    Theresa Kurtz is a certified Activities Director with a background in medical services. Theresa joined the staff in May of 2009. Theresa has had extensive experience with diabetics and most of the major maladies which affect our senior citizens. Theresa’s main focus…