Programs Offered by The Seeing Hand Association

The Seeing Hand Association, Inc. offers an innovative array of specialized services for the blind and visually impaired individuals. The services and programs to assist in meeting the identified needs of the individual while maintaining our core values of accountability, honesty, integrity, trust, teamwork, independence, personal and professional growth, dignity and self-esteem.

Community Events, Speaking, & Seminars


The Seeing Hand Association works in and with the community. Our outreach programs involve partaking in community events, visiting and participating at speaking events, and also hosting and joining seminars.

Personal Adjustment

The greatest challenge faced by people who are blind is not the physical lack of sight, but the limiting beliefs that society holds about their abilities.

Blindness doesn’t have to keep anyone from living a happy, productive life. Each step toward independence is one more step toward living a quality life.

Our services challenge, encourage and empower individuals to build confidence, independence and self-esteem.

Life Skills & Living Skills


The center’s career and vocational services offer opportunities for individual growth and development, confidence building, and economic and personal independence through education and training. They also help prepare for a job in the competitive workplace.


The Seeing Hand Association for the Blind provides recreation opportunties throughout the year. Whether it be our longstanding bowling program or a picnic, we invite interested parties to participate or promote. We provide safe recreation programs to help enrich the lives of those we help.
Fire Extinguishers, Chair Caning, & Mops


The Seeing Hand Association finds this statistic unacceptable and believes every blind and visually impaired individual should have the opportunity for gainful and meaningful employment.

Our shop has many projects which help support employment including: making mops, caning chairs, and refurbished fire extinguishers.

Camp Independence, Education Outreach, & School Tours


It's important to provide the youth with the tools and skills to develop. Our youth programs give the opportunity to spend time with other young adults facing the same challenges may be the chance of a life time to interact with peers struggling with the turmoil of the teen years.
Donations, Volunteer, & Products

Helping The Seeing Hand Association

Your donations and charitable contributions help develop programs, assist in our outreach, and most importantly have a direct impact on those we work with. The Seeing Hand Association is funded through fees for service, sales, and community share.

If you are interested in donating gifts of cash, stocks, or property – please contact us for more information.

Nothing is more valuable than your time!

The Seeing Hand relies on volunteers for a variety of services in assisting persons who are blind or visually impaired to maintain their independence and self-respect. Opportunities to volunteer cover a wide range of activities including transportation, reading, daily living assistance, job coaching, office work, etc.