We provide services to enhance personal growth, self-sufficiency, confidence, and independence of individuals who are visually impaired of all ages (orientation and mobility, daily living skills and communication skills). All services are planned and supervised by an individual with WV DRS or similar agency and with our staff.


The Seeing Hand Association is committed to offering technology solutions for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. We offer skills which enable our clients to successfully, compete in educational and employment environments.

We offer training in the use of computer and access technology. With a variety of available access to technology products, clients are able to test, select, and learn to use equipment that meets their needs.

Life Skills

The Seeing Hand Association helps the visually impaired create new skills: self-awareness, personal, coping, and social skills.

We focus on helping our clients blend into society. A blind person should try to be timely, courteous, face people when speaking, use correct mannerisms, work on good verbal skills, and respect themselves and others.


The Seeing Hand Association teaches blind people how to read braille. Learning braille is a better way to understand punctuation, grammar, and spelling as opposed to relying strictly on audio. Using braille makes it possible for the visually impaired to write and communicate with others.

Daily Living Skills

We provide training and educational programs to help develop living skills that make our clients daily life easier and more fulfilling. These trainings include: Orientation and Mobility, daily living skills, and on-the-job training opportunities in our workshop. Some trainings are contracted out to specialists.

Adaptive Device Training

Adaptive devices helps make simple tasks and equipment safer for the visually impaired. These devices include: FILL IN THE BLANK HERE.
Donations, Volunteer, & Products

Helping The Seeing Hand Association

Your donations and charitable contributions help develop programs, assist in our outreach, and most importantly have a direct impact on those we work with. The Seeing Hand Association is funded through fees for service, sales, and community share.

If you are interested in donating gifts of cash, stocks, or property – please contact us for more information.

Nothing is more valuable than your time!

The Seeing Hand relies on volunteers for a variety of services in assisting persons who are blind or visually impaired to maintain their independence and self-respect. Opportunities to volunteer cover a wide range of activities including transportation, reading, daily living assistance, job coaching, office work, etc.