The Seeing Hand Association’s workshop offers services of refurbishing fire extinguishers, chair caning, and mop production and restoration. Led by employees and volunteers, these products are for sale through our organization.

Refurbished Fire Extinguishers

Our technicians have been trained and certified to perform the testing and certification of fire extinguishers. All fire extinguishers are inspected in our shop for damage, parts are replaced as necessary, and the fire extinguishers are recharged if they pass our quality standards. We place our tags on the fire extinguishers, making it easy to see when they were serviced, and we install a monthly check card on every fire extinguisher.

Chair Caning

Our shop technicians do the following types of cane: hand cane, rush, log cabin weave and factory, or machine cane.

We offer opportunities to enhance individual economic and personal independence through jobs within the center cleaning and caning chairs.


Another important workshop we offer at The Seeing Hand Association is the production and restoration of mops. Our members help build and develop mop heads.
Donations, Volunteer, & Products

Helping The Seeing Hand Association

Your donations and charitable contributions help develop programs, assist in our outreach, and most importantly have a direct impact on those we work with. The Seeing Hand Association is funded through fees for service, sales, and community share.

If you are interested in donating gifts of cash, stocks, or property – please contact us for more information.

Nothing is more valuable than your time!

The Seeing Hand relies on volunteers for a variety of services in assisting persons who are blind or visually impaired to maintain their independence and self-respect. Opportunities to volunteer cover a wide range of activities including transportation, reading, daily living assistance, job coaching, office work, etc.