The Value of Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of every not-for-profit organization, and the Seeing Hand Association is no exception. We rely on volunteers for a variety of services in assisting persons who are blind or visually impaired to maintain their independence and self-respect.

Nothing is more valuable than your time, and we always have plenty of opportunities.

Reaping the Benefits of Garden Helpers

Our Edelman Garden has always provided a chance for volunteers to get their hands dirty. Every year we host individuals, school groups, and United Way participants in the garden. During the season our gardeners also have many Appalachian Outreach volunteers from all across the country including college and high school students.They take on any task that we give them including weeding, watering and harvesting, and many of our volunteers end up visiting the agency to get a better idea of what we do. 

Helping in the garden has always been a fun way to get the community involved in our efforts. Hobbies, like gardening, allow us to feed our souls, feel a sense of accomplishment, and fill our lives with joy and pleasure, so we’re always thankful to have our friends get involved.

Every year the garden relies heavily on those willing to give of their time, and we anticipate the 2023 garden season to be no different.

A Few Extra Hands Go Along Way

On a normal day in the office we have 5 to 6 employees on average, and everyone has their own job to complete. Just like all places of employment, there are often times when special projects or extra work needs completed, and a small workforce needs to call for reinforcements. This is where our volunteers come in handy. Oftentimes we will have opportunities for school groups to help with large cleaning projects or even office work for individuals. The Seeing Hand is a great place for youth and young adults to complete service hours that may be required of them.

As you may know from our Facebook Page, we host many events throughout the year. These events are just another way volunteers can step in and assist. We are grateful for our many volunteers who work our Steak Fry through The Camp Independence Auxiliary.

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Something for Everyone

If gardening and office work aren’t things you are able to do, The Seeing Hand also relies on volunteers for a variety of other services in assisting those we serve. Additional opportunities to volunteer cover a wide range of activities including helping out in the workshop, transportation, reading, daily living assistance, and job coaching.

If you are interested in helping a blind or visually impaired person maintain independence and be self-sufficient, please contact us at (304) 232-4810 or